private music lessons

I teach private online or in-person lessons through the Royal Conservatory. I use efficient, creative, and personalized strategies to help students realize their musical goals on any instrument. Working with all levels, I encourage a focused, positive, and healthy mindset.

  • all guitars
  • arranging, composing, improvisation, musicianship, songwriting
  • bass guitar
  • kacapi (Indonesian zither)
  • RCM exam preparation, classical guitar

play in a band

I lead two small ensemble programs at the Royal Conservatory, Sunday afternoons & Monday evenings

  • September 2021 – mid-January 2022 (winter semester)
  • January — May 2020 (spring semester)

Fusio Jam Session : Open the door to creativity. Improve your playing as you explore classic songs and techniques of ensemble playing, improvisation, and the art of groove. Eight bands ranging from intermediate-beginner to semi-professional. All instruments welcome. Experienced beginners to advanced.

Guitar Group : For beginner guitar (electric & acoustic) & bass guitar. Learn the essentials by playing with others.