Bill Parsons
Toronto M4C 5L1

Composer, Performer, Producer, Teacher

Based in Toronto, Bill Parsons is a creative artist who composes, performs, produces and teaches music drawing on his experiences in jazz, classical, world, popular, and improvised music. He holds a BFA Honours from York University in music composition and jazz performance as well as an interdisciplinary composition MFA from Simon Fraser University.

Bill plays electric & acoustic guitars, kacapi (20-string plucked zither), gamelan, and glass instruments and often composes for the ensembles he performs with (Mosaic, Timar-Parsons, Glass Orchestra, Pirate Jenny, Ferro Baci, Ulysse, and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan).

Currently, Bill works with producer/performer Blair Mackay (since 1985), Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan (since 1994), Glass Orchestra (since 2000), photographer, Chuck Samuels (since 1988), and Timar-Parsons Duo (since 1996). He also produces film soundtracks, multimedia performances, audio recordings, instructional videos, and teaches at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto since 2003.

He has received several grants (Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council) and made numerous recordings as leader and collaborator.

Recent Work

Spindle Ensemble and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan (2023)

Trichy Sankaran at 80 – Confluence Concerts (2022)

Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan and Sixtrum (2021)

My First Kacapi (2019)
— producer, author, composer, performer
Multimedia performance
Running time: ~15min.
A portrait of an emerging artist, second in the series. Bill performs solo kacapi live with a pre-recorded soundtrack of narration, effects, and music.

My First Guitar (2018)
— producer, author, composer, performer
Multimedia performance
Running time: ~20min.
A portrait of an emerging guitarist. Three musicians (erhu, suling, kacapi/guitar) perform live with a pre-recorded soundtrack of narration, effects, and music.

Three Days In Muskoka (2017)
— producer, director, composer, performer
Documentary video
Running time: 33min.
Set in the October splendour of Joseph River, Dr. Harry Anderson discusses the psychological journey that lead to the development of a scientific method of psychoanalysis that allows patients to systematically dismantle internal conflicts that cause symptoms such as depression, etc.

Bridge (2017)
— arranger, producer, composer, performer
CD-audio recording
8 songs: 39min.
Evergreen Club performs gamelan degung and, since 1983, produce concerts and recordings of new and arranged works. Bridge marks their tenth studio recording and features its core octet with guest artists Parmela Attariwala (violin), iNSiDEaMiND (turntables), Jennifer Moore & Maryem Tollar (vocals).

In Production

The Meta-psychological Formulation Method, the science of psychoanalysis by Dr. Harry Anderson
— collator, coordinator, producer
Since late 2019 Bill has been helping Dr. Anderson release four unpublished works based on Dr. Anderson’s research.

Becoming Peat McAdam, a coming of age novel

— author

Arranger, Performer, recent highlights

Montréal/Toronto, with Sixtrum, & Evergreen Club (Nov 2021)
Montréal/Toronto, with SMCQ & Evergreen Club (2019)
Munich Gamelan Festival (2018), Evergreen Club
Small World (2018), Timar–Parsons Duo
Array Music (2017, CD-release performance), Evergreen Club
Array Music (2017) live broadcast, Glass Orchestra
Aga Khan Museum (2016, performance), Evergreen Club
AGO (2016, performance), Glass Orchestra
Roy Thompson Hall (2016, performance), Evergreen Club
Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang (2015, performance), Timar–Parsons Duo
Grammy Award Winners (2015, guitar ensemble DVD), Bill Parsons

Composer, Producer, Performer, recent highlights

My First Kacapi (2019, multimedia), Bill Parsons
My First Guitar (2018 multimedia), Bill Parsons
Three Days In Muskoka (2017, film), Bill Parsons
Bridge (2017, CD), Bill Parsons, with Blair Mackay
Stir (2016, film), Niara Modi
Cold Nights Hot Salsa (2015, film), Edwin Gailits
Movie/Music (2015, screening), Bill Parsons, Chuck Samuels
Translating Grace (2015, CD), Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan
Effractions (2014, film), Jean-Marc Larivière
Mon coeur est come une bombe (2013, film) Geoff Bowie
Courage (2012, film), Geoff Bowie